Photo: Alina Rudya

I am an independent photojournalist, documentary photographer and cultural anthropologist based in Berlin. A careful play of documentation and artistry, my work focuses on concepts of femininity, power and identity. I am specifically interested in stories about females who fight back against gender based violence, striving to improve their life circumstances in their respective societies.

As an undergraduate I received a scholarship to study Journalism at New York University, then went on to complete my first Master's degree in Cultural Anthropology at Humboldt University in Berlin. Upon realising that photography was the ideal tool to combine my interests, I majored in Photojournalism at the University of Westminster in London, graduating with distinction in September 2013.

My clients and publications include The New York Times, VICE, GEO, ZEIT Online, Spiegel Online, Financial Times, Days Japan, Wired, doc!photo magazine, HUCK, New Internationalist, The Observer, Civilisation Magazine, Chinese Photographer Magazine, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, taz, Focus Magazin, Der Freitag, BURN Magazine, Feature Shoot, UNHCR, Humedica, No Means No Worldwide, Ujamaa Africa, Makhzoumi Foundation, and many others. 

My photography gained international recognition through prestigious photo contests, such as the International Photography Awards, NPPA's Best of Photojournalism Awards, The Photography Gala Awards, or the Moskow International Foto Awards. In 2018, I was granted the VG Bild Kunst Grant, and previously was shortlisted for the FotoVisura Photography Grant and BURN Magazine's Emerging Photographer Grant. My photography has been exhibited in London, Barcelona and LA.

After spending several years abroad, mainly in Asia and the Middle East, I moved back to Berlin in 2015, where I founded Goodlife Pictures, shooting authentic photo documentaries for corporate clients like NIKE, Porsche, and many others. Besides creating visual narratives, I love martial arts: I train Shaolin Kung Fu and teach women in Berlin Taekwondo and self-defense. Never tired of exploring, I have backpacked around the world visiting over 50 countries, and scuba dived my way through the seven seas. My nomadic lifestyle is facilitated by my fluency in German, English, and French, as well as intermediate Spanish and basic Arabic

I am a member of Women Photograph and am represented by laif photo agency.

I'm available for assignments worldwide. 

Days Japan: ‘Shosho Jikinge' feature, print, Oct. 2018
Chinese Photographer Magazine: Interview and feature of series ‘A Sword & A Sari’, print, Oct. 2018
International Photography Awards: Honorable mention for series ‘A Sword & A Sari in Sports – professional category
LensCulture Instagram Takeover with series ‘A Sword & A Sari’, Oct.
Chinese Photographer Magazine: 'A Sword & A Sari' feature and interview, print, Oct. 2018
5th Biennal of Fine Art & Documentary Photography, '92 - Helga's Disappearance' featured in group show, Barcelona Oct. 04-21
ZEIT Online: Portrait photo assignment, online, Sep. 2018
taz: Photo Column ‘Kunststuecke’, print, five weeks, Sep. - Oct.
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ZEIT Online: Portrait photo assignment, online, August 2018
taz: Portrait photo assignment, print, August 2018
ZEIT Online: Portrait photo assignment, online, August 2018
Open Society Foundations: Instagram Takeover with series 'Shosho Jikinge', August 2018
Spiegel Online: 'Shosho Jikinge' feature, online,  July 2018
Vice Magazine: 'A Sword & A Sari', online, June 2018
The Family of No Man: Part of group exhibition curated by Cosmos at Les Rencontres de la Photographie Arles, July 2018
VG Bildkunst Grant, Germany, recipient, June 2018
The New York Times: 'A Worldwide Teaching Program to Stop Rape', online, June 2018
Civilization Magazine: '92 - Helga's Disappearance' feature, print, 16 pages, May 2018
taz: “Die Hitze ist übrigens super”, print, May 2018
International Photography Awards: Harmony Competition, Honorable Mention for single 'Spirituality' in People - professional category
NPPA Best of Photojournalism Awards: Honorable Mention in Portrait Singles
5th Biennal of Fine Art & Documentary Photography, '92 - Helga's Disappearance' featured in group show, Barcelona October 2018 (TBA)
'Women seen by Women' Exhibition, '92 - Helga's Disappearance' featured in group show at Valid Foto Gallery, Barcelona, April 10-28
Financial Times: German police flex muscles to calm Cottbus refugee tensions
The Photography Gala Awards: Finalist in 'Women seen by Women' Competition with series '92 - Helga's Disappearance'
doc! photo magazine: 'Shosho Jikinge' feature, print, 20 pages, Dec. Vol.O7 #42
VICE magazine: 'Shosho Jikinge' feature, September issue (print) & online
BURN Diary – BURN Magazine's Instagram / Contributor
laif photo agency – Represented photographer
BURN magazine: '92 - Helga's Disappearance' feature
International Photography Awards: Honorable Mention for series '92'
International Photography Awards: Family of Man Competition, Honorable Mention in Category Old Age/Death
International Photography Awards: Family of Man Competition, Honorable Mention in Category Childhood
International Photography Awards: Family of Man Competition, Honorable Mention in Category Love
Moscow International Foto Awards: Honorable Mention for series '92'
FotoVisura Photography Grant: Honorable Mention for series '92'
The Emerging Photographer Fund/ BURN Magazine: Shortlisted with series '92'
Month of Photography LA: Winner, projection of series 'HeartCore' for Open Call 'Connections'- LA/USA
Association Nationale des Iconographes: 'Coup de Coeur', Perpignan, France for series '92
GEO Wissen Magazine: 'HeartCore' feature (print)

GEO Kompakt Magazine: 'HeartCore' feature (print)
'Visual Storytelling' Masterclass with Ron Haviv/ VII Photo - selected, Berlin/Germany
Feature Shoot: 'HeartCore' Feature
BURN magazine: 'HeartCore' Feature
'The Photographic Essay' Masterclass with David Alan Harvey/ Magnum Photos - selected, Dubai/UAE
Moving, Still - Exhibiton of series 'L'Amour Nous Unit'in group show, P3 gallery, London/UK
MA Photojournalism - Distinction, University of Westminster, London/UK
'Zwischen Tradition und Moderne - Frauen in den Vereinigten Arabischen Emiraten'. Book publication of MA Cultural Anthropology thesis, 'Tectum Verlag' (Engl: Between Tradition and Modernity - Women in the United Arab Emirates).

MA Cultural Anthropology - Distinction, Humboldt University, Berlin/Germany
Scholarship DAAD (German Academic Exchange Program) to study Journalism at New York University, NYC/USA